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Dec 28, 2022

4 Different Types Of Soulmates We Meet During Our Life

Soulmates come in all shapes and sizes. They can be spiritual partners, emotional support, companions, mentor, teacher, or karmic relationships. Some are healing soulmates and come into your life to help you heal on a physical, mental, emotional, or soul level. Other types of soulmates will challenge you to learn lessons the hard way. If you want to know how to find your soulmate or learn what is a soulmate, then you'll learn all you need to know in this episode. There are many signs you found your soulmate and over time you'll learn how to identify your soulmate through your intuition and signs. Finding your soulmate isn't as difficult as you think since everyone on Earth is connected to you on a soul level. When you approach every relationship in life from the four soulmate categories in this episode, you'll grow and evolve faster on a soul level yourself.

In This Episode:

  • Every soul is connected in the infinite field of existence, therefore everyone is your soulmate because we’re all connected
  • Emotional support soulmates help us heal, find peace, support us through friendships or other avenues
  • Soulmates that challenge us are Karmic soulmates - specifically for hard lessons, we need to learn or to break a cycle. They may be intense, turbulent, or controlling relationships.
  • Learning soulmates are mentors or teachers that guide you in your lifetime.
  • Companionship soulmates are twin soulmates or twin flame soulmates who are either best friends or lovers for a period of time in your life. You’re often on similar journies, there’s a sense of wholeness, you can talk forever, often have telepathic abilities with each other, but it’s not always romantic.
  • All soulmate relationships can be short or long periods of time. The main point of these relationships is the focus on personal growth and lessons you’re meant to learn together or through them.



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